A Combat Veteran is a brand passionately dedicated to bringing more light and comedy to the Veteran community. Drew Hernandez continuously turns his past experiences into opportunities by creating distinctive videos about what it means to be or to know a Combat Veteran on a weekly basis. By doing so, he has grasped the attention of not only the close-knit community of Veterans alike, but that of civilians as well and has contagiously resonated with all who support the military.

Drew served active duty as an MP from 2006 to 2011, which also included tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. While working as a private contractor in Iraq during 2015, his Facebook page, A Combat Veteran, was born. He created it to feature his first video titled “10 Ways To Identify A Combat Veteran”, which is a satirical comedy that gained immediate popularity. Within just three days of its release, the video attained 1.5 million views. The page’s numbers have continued to rapidly flourish, reaching almost 300,000,000 views and over 900,000 followers on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram combined.

A Combat Veteran has become renowned for being a positive influence to its viewers and has successfully done this by striving towards its mission, which is to utilize Drew’s military service experience as the tip of the spear to create comedy that brings humor and joy to the Veteran community.